Nano Begins

2005-11-02 10:22 ☼ post

I had my best NaNoWriMo opening day ever yesterday and finished with over 2800 words. Considering average daily pace needs to be approximately 1670 words I was quite happy. My goal is to stay ahead of pace the whole way, but we’ll see what happens. That could be a bit optimistic. In past years I’ve fallen behind a few days before the start of basketball practice and quickly made the decision to just give up.

I actually kind of tricked myself this year by thinking about a completely different type of story to write about for this year’s entry and then completely changed up at the last minute. I think my initial idea was fairly interesting, but a little too close to reality. At any rate my current story is more free flowing fantasy adventure and I’m just running with it this year. My first year I tried to get overly complex with multiple characters and viewpoints and quickly became bogged down. That type of thing works a lot better for novels that are 80-100,000 words rather than the 50,000 nanowrimo deals with. This time around I just grabbed one of my more interesting characters put him in a position where he’s in serious trouble and turned him loose.

On a computer related note, I’m writing my novel in a text editor called Textmate and storing the whole thing in a new python based version control system called Bazaar-NG which I’ve mentioned before (here and here. It’s working really well so far and should make revising and editing a lot easier down the road if and when I decide to do that.