Web Stuff

2006-02-02 16:58

Since I wasn’t working on my PowerBook for most of the day today and was up for a little browser experimentation I decided to download Camino. It’s been a few years since I last used it regularly, but I had heard good things recently. After a few hours browsing my initial impression is that it is indeed fast and stable. I may just have to download it for my PowerBook as well.

In other web news I just noticed that WordPress 2.0.1 is out. It looks like there are quite a few bugfixes in this release and upgrading still involves wholesale file replacement. I think I’ll save that upgrade project until I get back to my PowerBook.

I came across a really interesting series of articles on about typography on the web called Five simple steps to better typography. The parts about leading bullets and font sizes really jumped out at me. I hadn’t realized the significance of the various larger point sizes.

I’m toying with the idea of fully converting all my entries into Markdown format. In a perfect world I’d like to be able to write Markdown formatted posts in TextMate and then xml-rpc them up to the WordPress mothership, but that’s not really possible without Markdown the defacto formatting method. That said there are something like 1700 preexisting Textile formatted entries so it’s definitely not worthwhile if I can’t fully automate the process.