Migration Progress

2009-09-13 11:19 ☼ post

So in case you hadn’t heard there’s a WordPress worm/exploit going around that allows all versions prior to the last couple to be hacked. This was a definite concern for me since virtually all my various WP projects including Axodys were several major releases back. Rather than simply upgrading all of them though I decided to tackle a couple tangential yet related projects at the same time. Upgrading the slice. A while back I made the mistake of not upgrading the version of Ubuntu Linux I had originally set our slice up with before it’s support window with Canonical closed. Doh! No more easily accessible package repositories. Back when I discovered that it had happened I considered just doing a back up and going for it via some directions I found on how to access some older packages. The best solution at this point was actually to purchase a second slice temporarily set it up the way I want, work out the configuration kinks and then move over all our accounts and projects.