2010-01-13 06:24 ☼ post

tags: gina trapani, gtd, todo.txt

While catching up on some feed reading yesterday I saw Gina Trapani mention a cool looking projectview add-on for todo.txt, her text file plus shell script command line task manager. I was vaguely aware of todo.txt, but had never really played with it until now.

I’ve actually been working on a few different projects lately and trying to be more organized about tracking and handling them. Rather than using one of the GUI task managers I have at my disposal (The Hitlist, Entourage), I’ve been relying on a simple text file. I went this route mainly because it’s really easy to keep synced between my various computers using Dropbox (it’s also possible to do this with The Hitlist, but it’s kludgy and requires closing and relaunching the app).

My text file solution worked great as far as syncing goes, but was pretty free form and not as useful as it could be. Todos were mixed up with a sort of running journal of what I’d accomplished for a given day. Great for looking back on what I’d accomplished, but not so hot for figuring out what still needed to be done. When I read about todo.txt this time around it’s utility immediately jumped out at me- this was exactly what I wanted: an easily syncable, organized, flexible utility.

I’ll check back in a few more days to further document my progress using and getting adapted to todo.txt.