Olynyk NBA Bound

2013-04-19 22:50 ☼ post

Kelly Olynyk Leaving Gonzaga For NBA

I don’t think people knew at all what was going through my mind,” Olynyk said. It was definitely a seesaw, teeter-totter effect. A week ago I was leaning toward coming back. I really wanted to and thought it was the best thing.

It’s really hard to gather your thoughts. It seemed like every person I talked to my view would change. I didn’t know whether that was a sign to stop talking to people or do I need to talk to more people. In the end, this was best decision for me.”

I was pretty convinced midway through the season that Olynyk was going to leave with a year of eligibility left; he was playing so well and already had his degree. But after the season ended and more and more time passed without an announcement I started to to have a little hope that his heart would lead him back to Gonzaga for one more run. I think he’s made a sound financial decision and I hope he enjoys more success than the other GU early entrants have. At this point it appears that he has the most NBA potential of any GU player I’ve seen to date, but time will tell.