Glen Fleishman Buys The Magazine

2013-05-29 16:43 ☼ post

In a somewhat surprising turn of events Glenn Fleishman just bought The Magazine from Marco The Golden Goose” Arment.

Thus Mr. Arment, in effect, built and incubated the publication, and your faithful editor — as of June 1, editor and publisher — is the beneficiary of that work, which I shall cherish and shepherd. Marco will be an advisor, and I will listen to him, as we all might. Marco has made a variety of interesting decisions in his life that have given him both personal fulfillment and personal success. He’s not telling me yet what he’s working on next, and I can’t wait to see it unveiled before Marissa Mayer buys it and removes its vowels.1

Can’t wait to see where Glenn takes The Magazine and what Marco comes up with next.