Weekly Project List

Once I get our taxes wrapped up in the next day or so I can finally get back to making some progress on the various online projects I’m working on around here. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Help my brother Micah move a few of his sites over to our slice on slicehost.
  • Pillar content for axodys.com.
  • Help Mary launch her new blog.
  • Develop a new theme (most likely modifiying an existing one) and install various plugins I’ve been thinking about for axodys.com.
  • Install/develop a new theme for 100km.us.
  • Look into wordpress plugin development.
  • Start one Bum Marketing affiliate campaign.

That’s a pretty good list to start with and it actually gives me several different things to write about this week. Putting together a list like this should help me be more productive as well as I work through it.

  • Jesse

    Dude. You’re making me feel like a total slug with all of this activity. I checked out your biking blog site for the first time–nice! Also took a look at slicehost and Bum Marketing (that link is a little wonky, by the way).

  • http://axodys.com Jason

    Thanks Jesse, I’ll check that link out and see what’s going on.

    Glad you found my bike blog, my bike commuting got put on hold the last couple weeks while I dealt with April snow and a bad cold.  I'm planning to ride tomorrow and this weekend though so I'll probably have at least one new post there soon.