Busy Month

2008-05-26 17:09 ☼ post

May has ended up being a really busy month for me. I’ve done a lot of biking (550 km so far this month), but not a lot of blogging here on axodys.com. I’ve also had a hard time getting anything done during my prime evening project hours (roughly 10PM — 12PM) because I’ve been regularly falling asleep while getting our middle child settled into his new big boy bed. More often than not I’ll wake up at 1 or 2AM and realize that I need to get to sleep in my own bed and I’ve missed out on doing anything productive. On the other hand our son is finally getting settled into a nice nightly routine and usually sleeps through the night now so it’s worth the time investment.

Feedapalooza didn’t end up being much of a success for me as far as adding RSS subscribers go (as of today I’m down 7 from where I was at the beginning of the month), but I got good practice writing an eBook (Open Office has great PDF export support by the) and learned quite a bit going through the whole process.

Although I don’t feel like I’ve been as productive as I wanted to be, I’ve still been able to do a lot of reading and learning this month. I still want to try to get one niche project launched before May is over too. It’s time to stop thinking about taking action and actually taking some action. More to come.