15 Years

2014-01-24 20:26 ☼ post

I knew that the anniversary of my first post on axodys.com had to be coming up, but I hadn’t gotten around to checking my archives until today. Turns out that January 24 is in fact its birthday.

This site got its start as a place for me to play around with html and the web at my very own domain. But it’s been a blog from the beginning, and I realized this pretty quickly. While I linked to various interesting sites from the first post on, I also treated my blog a lot more like an open journal than I do now.

Thinking back I’m impressed that I stuck with it at all considering how crude the process was. I updated everything manually at first, then eventually burned out on the process. Eventually Blogger came out and by late October of 1999 I was able to use their groundbreaking system to handle my updates.

Since that first couple years my posting frequency gradually waned which seems strange when you consider how much blogging and news gathering technology has improved in that span. But despite my tendencies towards consumption rather than blogging productivity, I’ve never abandoned the site and don’t expect to any time soon. I don’t have any concrete plans for more writing this year or the next, but I expect the blog will carry on much like it always has– one post at a time.