2019-09-10 11:16

The new iPhone 11 Pro has a green model that is so my style that it almost makes me want to figure out some way to afford one!

2019-09-09 12:11

Just went for a short 10 minute walk around campus in the rain and discovered the front of my pants were completely soaked by the end. Glad I brought a rain jacket today.

2019-09-09 07:09

Carnival Row exceeded my expectations. Going in I thought it looked fairly compelling, but the overall story, world-building, character development, and production quality completely delivered. I think the eight episode length was perfect, it’s too bad it’s not released weekly.

2019-09-08 03:49

Gardner Minshew made his NFL debut for Jacksonville today after starter Nick Foles went down with a broken clavicle in the first quarter. Minshew finished with 22-25 passing for 275 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception! Sounds like Foles will be out two months minimum.

2019-09-06 08:18

Now that I’m almost 4 years into my iPhone 6s my excitement for new iPhones is pretty muted. More curious to see what the economics of the older models Apple will continue to sell post product announcements and see what I can get in the $25/month 2 year contract range.

2019-09-06 07:02

It’s kind of amazing all the free or relatively low cost video game making systems that are out there these days. GDevelop is a (new to me) open source one designed to require no coding and it’s on version 5.

2019-09-05 08:48

There’s a lot of crap on Twitter, but man does my man Lin-Manuel Miranda manage to be an inspirational counterweight, a veritable Atlas, nay, Superman of positivity and humor that the service (and world) needs now more than ever!

2019-09-03 10:57

The Spokane River is really low right now, at least five or six feet below normal I’d guess, and it smells terrible! Hope they’re able to raise the level again soon because the current odor is not pleasant.

2019-09-03 08:03

Snuck up on these two while they were talking to the neighbor boy through the fence!

2019-09-01 10:27

2-2 draw after Spurs weren’t able to muster much in the second half beyond some unlikely Sissoko attempts at the end.


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