2018-12-05 10:02

I feel like Few should go back to Petrusev since Clarke can’t seem to finish point blank shots tonight and isn’t getting stops at the other end.

2018-12-05 09:18

Zags let the Huskies right back into the game after halftime. Disappointing to see GU allowing a 2-15 run. Nowell a huge difference maker so far this half.

2018-12-05 08:54

I will say this: Bill Walton is doing serious work on his Spokane references tonight for a guy who was last here 20+ years ago. I might even have a picture of him at the Jammin Hoops Camp in a shoebox somewhere.

2018-12-04 08:50

Prep manhandled Mt. Spokane 66-44. Not only that- Gonzaga signee Anton Watson practically outscored the Wildcats single handedly with 36 points.

2018-12-04 03:38

There’s a new story format out for Twine called Chapbook and it looks really promising. The default design looks great, but more importantly the domain specific language and backstage debugging functionality is a big step forward.

2018-12-04 03:02

Just realized the GSL schedule is really unfortunate this year with 4A favorite G-Prep and 3A favorite Mt. Spokane playing in their lone meeting right off the bat. The Wildcats already have 3 wins under their belts, but Prep seems unlikely to struggle.

2018-12-04 12:11

Just learned this morning that legendary Tour de France broadcaster Paul Sherwin passed away unexpectedly Sunday at the age of 62. My interest in the Tour has ebbed a bit in recent years, but my enjoyment of the commentary he and Phil Liggett provided remained constant.

2018-12-03 12:00

Dialog is a new domain-specific language for creating interactive fiction inspired by Inform 7 and Prolog. It compiles into Z-code and was used to write a game called Tethered for the 2018 IF Comp.

2018-12-01 09:18

Christmas Cookie Monster!

2018-11-30 09:42

George H. W. Bush died today- the only Republican President I’ve ever voted for… and barring radical political change from a party that has nonsensical views on climate change, health care, economics, science, and American democracy in general- the last.


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